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How to Register - Synchronized Skating Events


The person registering the team should be the same person registering the team for all events. We suggest the team manager for each team do this so that participants only need to be added to one account.

To create an account:

Before you start, you will need the following information for every skater that you would like to add to your team registration:

  • First & Last Name (be sure to have correct spellings)
  • Gender
  • Birthdate
  • Skate Canada number

To start, click on My Account on the top right corner of the page.  Then, click on Teams.

Once on the teams page, you will be able to create your teams.  To start, click on the + next to the drop down menu to create a new team.

Enter your team name.  This name will not be used when completing your invoice, so you can name your team here so it is easily identifiable when you go to select your teams, ie: Elementary Team.

Once you have entered your team name, you will be able to add participants to your team.  To add coaches, managers and/or chaperones, click on the + next to Members.  At least one Manager needs to be identified.  In the Role dropdown box, you can select whether the member is a Manager or Coaches/Chaperones.  Managers will have access to edit the team, Coaches/Chaperones will only have access to view the teams.

Competitors can be added to your team in a couple of different ways.  If the competitor is already in your profile (ie: competed last year on one of your teams), click the + next to Competitors, and starting typing the skaters name.  Select the skater then click add.  Repeat this for all skaters on your team.

Alternatively, you can import your team by clicking 'Competitor Import'.  This will bring you to the Competitor Import page where you can download the Import Template.

In the Import File, complete the First Name, Last Name, Gender, Date of Birth, and Skate Canada Number columns for each competitor.  It is recommended to format the Date of Birth column to a Date format in Excel to ensure the correct birth date is uploaded.  Save the file on your computer.  Save a different file for each team you are uploading.  Back on the registration site on the Competitor Import page, click “Choose File” to select the Import Template you just completed, then click “Upload”.

You will see a spreadsheet view of all skaters you imported from the file. Review for accuracy to ensure that all birthdates and details have been imported correctly.  You can update any details that were inaccurately imported directly in this page.  Click “Import Data”.

On the next page, any skaters that do not already have a personal profile will be imported to your account. Any skaters that have an existing personal profile will have a “Select” button appear beside their name.

Clicking on select will give you the following screen:

Compare the values you have on file to those for the suggested match. If the competitors match, click “Select” and then “Select Participant”. If they do not match, click “Create New” and then “Select Participant”.  Once you have completed this for all skaters in your spreadsheet view, click on “Import Data” again. This will load all skaters into your Competitors.

Note: If you receive the error “Another skater has the value XXXX for Skate Canada Number. This value must be unique.”, proceed with creating the skater profile, leaving the Skate Canada Number blank. Please contact to notify them of the error so the skater’s profile can be corrected as needed.

Once you have imported your team, go back to the Teams page.  When you select your team from the dropdown menu, you will see all the competitors that you just loaded to that team.  This is where you will manage skaters on your team (ie: remove or add skaters).


You are now ready to register your team for competition!

From the registration page, select the event you are registering for.  Go to your shopping cart to complete the checkout and registration process.

To complete your registration, select your team from the dropdown menu on the left.  This will load all of the competitors on your selected team.  

You can manage your competitors here, removing or adding skaters to reflect the planned skaters for the selected competition.   Be sure to include any alternates that are attending.

Complete all the fields on the right, including uploading your music.  Complete the remainder of the process to complete your registration.